Feb 19, 2016

Standing 4 what's right. Loving urself means loving others

Being Christian.

Means u love without exception.
Just as god does. 
Means 4giving people who wronged u.
Just as god does. 
Means doing the right thing 

So why do we have so much fighting, war, and murder. Yet our government is ran by people who claim to love the Lord. 

Love is so easy. N so natural.. 
Hate is so hard, it literally can kill u (example: stress, anxiety, doubt) 
Lead to ailments like strokes, depression, suicide,  and so many more. 
I've never heard of love killing anyone. 
Is Being kind is so hard to do, its become a thing of the past???

Here's a promise, the more your heart is filled with love... The more you'll enjoy your life.. 

Just consider it. 

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