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If there is one thing that I've learned in life, it's that life's almost never fair and when it is... it's fair to someone else. I have taught myself how to deal w/ this fact and damn near benefit from it... Your life is all you have for realz' and i know for mine i am gonna enjoy at least a little piece of it.. fuck what everyone else is doing, i am making a dedication to myself to be myself. I am strong and i know what i want so why don't i do it?? Fear? No time? Too Down to look in the mirror???... ASK yourself  a question... is what ur doing, or thinking, causing the people u know to hurt.. is how u are acting okay with u, or do u sit when the mood catches u right and wish u were someone else n that u hadn't done all the stuff you did. I am asking if the way you are living, is it the life u want for your kids, or are u hurting everyone u claim to love... are if u are then only you can fix it. i am so fuckin tired of being hurt and hurting in general i decided I'd at least do my part to stop the cycle. Stop returning hurt for hurt. stop matching tit for tat. and just be okay to go to bed at night. even if it means not making everyone else (the losers anyways) happy. at least i know i am okay with me, and i haven't "actually" done anything that i will regret the rest of my life, or hurt that one person u say is so special, yet you fucked them over again. Either in the dark (SECRETLY) or in the light (Them KNOWING), the way u act and treat this person changes and u become hurtful and that is one thing that i cant allow myself to do. i am standing up for my life, my choices, and my love, i am going to be me, even if i appear boring or just lame! at least i am okay with me!

My Daily Quote i say at least once a day & thought about Continuously. I will not be afraid to speak out for me~ if i don't deserve it... i know my son does.

My Destiny, My Fate, My Love, My Life.... I am Accountable for what I Do. Never believe thats not true

Anyone who ain't feelin this well then it's all good, cause someone u care about WILL EVENTUALLY get u twisted up, n ull hopefully c, how ur actions effect others.

Keep faith in your hearts, and you should love from the start. No one needs to earn love, it should be offered first just like trust. Why should a person earn something they haven't actually lost. If you use your inner person you'll find a truth, n a trust some people may never even know. Its a feeling of its own to know that u've achieved the ultimate goal, to know your self & then 2 be Ur self and nah every one ain't gonna like you.. But forget what they think... Learn Live and Love~ Your Whole life depends on it. You may not think so but someone is looking up to u and depending on u for you to make the right decision

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