Dec 21, 2017

sTuFF I CreaTeD

                          Baptism creation


  didn't create it. just love it

  so true. not my own creation

Feb 19, 2016

Standing 4 what's right. Loving urself means loving others

Being Christian.

Means u love without exception.
Just as god does. 
Means 4giving people who wronged u.
Just as god does. 
Means doing the right thing 

So why do we have so much fighting, war, and murder. Yet our government is ran by people who claim to love the Lord. 

Love is so easy. N so natural.. 
Hate is so hard, it literally can kill u (example: stress, anxiety, doubt) 
Lead to ailments like strokes, depression, suicide,  and so many more. 
I've never heard of love killing anyone. 
Is Being kind is so hard to do, its become a thing of the past???

Here's a promise, the more your heart is filled with love... The more you'll enjoy your life.. 

Just consider it. 

Jun 11, 2015

Unseen Factors in a desolate mind

im going thro something, n i thought i should blog this. cuz it helped me understand my self a little. so mayb it will help u.
I have Depression issues.

i gota touch on sumthing ok. pls understand what im saying. its not bad , like u think. Its just me. i have a disease . its called depression. like not manic  not a freakn psycho, its just regular depression. My Disease is chronic; meaning forever.
everyone swears im not happy with them.  whether that meant past friends , my family, u , our children.

the question should b, m i happy without them or u. . . ? or do i wish i were dead when ur angry with me or when i cant b with you., do i miss  u  or am i glad ur gone?. 

The answer is id live for u when ive lost all hope n wanna die. isnt that saying something.  i would choose no one in this world over u. n i want no one else... EVER. im 100% ... N if its okay with u. id like to stop crying. so stop assuming k ...  i really dont need any added stress.


Just because i have issues doesnt mean im not happy. n it doesnt mean im unhappy with u. it just means that im more effected when bad things come up. i wish u could understand me  i really wish ud stop using my emotional state to say im unhappy. cuz u simply dont understand. and for the most part im happy with u. n i dont wana leave n not misrable, i simply have a condition that weighs me down a lil. n im so sorry. cuz my disease does effect those around me. weather i like it or not

when i ask you to take me somewhere. like just us. im searching 4 a feeling. so thats why sumtimes i like to go out. too . sumtimes its nice to stop the thoughts. like a pressure release valve.

i know u dont understand but thats why i do art. when i do a good job. i feel proud. so in turn i feel better.      i know u feel like i avoid u. but thats not what i m doing. if u let me id craft n sit by u on that couch n id b happy as a lark. but u get offended cuz thats not quality time. but i cant fix u. so then i sit there n stare at the walls. cuz im not helping or fixing or creating. then that means im sulking, or thinking or wishing i was not who i am . cuz i want u happy. but i dunno how to b happy . how in the world could i make u happy. 
happiness is found within.  unfortunately,   my box runs on fumes. i have had a bad life. so rather than us arguing cuz u assume u are the reason im "unhappy" .. really pay attention ... unhappiness is a choice. depression is a disease.  n u can read it on my face. my eyes tell u exactly how i feel. if u love me ud know what type of day im having. n try to make me less depressed n stop yelling at me cuz u know i dont love u. thats retarded, cuz i love u with my entire heart n soul.


Dec 26, 2014

4 a very special "Anonymous Company" who made my kids dreams come true. THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US!

                           Thank you!!! 
      & I hope God blesses U & Ur families ...

         If you hadn't of saved christmas 4 them My heart would have broke. There were a total of 2 gifts under my tree and it was 2 days before Christmas. . One 4 each of the boys, a cute little angry birds and Spiderman wrist watchs I paid 2.47 for on eBay. .... I wanted to share with u these few pictures cuz you should feel great about saving some child's christmas....u did this 4 them. thank u  so very much... When I was told that The Lodi House had found someone to adopt my kids I cried, cuz if you hadn't of saved christmas 4 them they wouldn't have had a christmas this year. I had already spoken with my older son about the possibility of delaying christmas til the end of February. I explained enough for him to be happy. But it doesn't feel very nice as a mother. 
              You guys are so amazing. You went above n beyond. When I went to get my gifts I couldn't help but cry, again. . I am so grateful... SO SO GRATEFUL.  So THANK U, VERY MUCH!

My phone was dead when it counted so they opened their gifts without a camera this year ... I wish I could have taken picture but I got a video ima put on YouTube :-)

Secret Santa saved my kids christmas 2014.:

       It's a tough place as a mother, who wants the world 4 her children, but literally can not provide them with those things. Especially when they are so deserving. I barely puta roof over our heads so when something comes like a birthday or christmas..   or they grow or they wear their shoes out. It simply kills me. I want u to know that your generosity was so much appreciated. I have been trying to find a job that's full time for months but I'm lucky to have the one I have I guess. Anyways,I don't even make rent in a full months wages. So it's a real fight. N I'm ineligible for aid cuz I have maxed out my 36 month time allotment. so that's my story. 1 job isn't enough for 2 kids :-) but they don't really even know their lacking. They do have a good life , n they are happy. But now they r both loving life. No joke. So thank you again.
 I'm looking for work if Ur hiring btw. That would b awesome ( lol I don't even know who u are ) but.... 

My email is
N my address is 1511 s. Mills ave 222
Lodi .ca 95242 
Pennie Johnson


Worth a shot at least.
Thank you again Pennie Bradley and Izzac

Aug 18, 2014

Be The One Who Makes Good Happen. 

Stop The Violence, the Bullying, Why is it that its rare to see someone walking down the street the opposite way you are and exchange smiles? Why is it scary at night? The reason is so simple. If all of us acted like Adults and not like children. NO ONE WOULD HAVE ANYTHING TO FEAR. LOVE ISNT A HARD THING, EXCEPT IF YOU MAKE IT HARD. 


May 30, 2014

Change is a hard concept. Hopefully worth the effort it takes ...

I NeeD MoRe DeFiNiTiON - ThaT ThiNg ThaT MaKeZ Me! 

(*sum times in life I need reminders of who I am as a individual and reminders what I enjoy.... ) 

I honestly am going to attempt to be happy with-in myself, challenging myself to understanding what defines Me as an individual, as a mother , as a g/f... As an employee. 
I wana change things that I see about myself that really aren't admirable characterists, rather than place blame on people who really are blameless...

Well my normal poem modified_ I still after all these years identify with this poem and try to let it guide me I feel better knowing I can change my own destiny .... Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think so . 
( Here's my guide .... ) 

    My Destiny, My Fate,    

My Love, My Life. 

Decisions I've made today, 
Will effect tomorrow, 
Can effect next week, 
N possibly Forever.  
Choose wisely,

Depend on urself.  
Especially ur conscience, 
Step out in faith,

Mar 26, 2014

My Lil fish is losing his mind. . . We're having a problem with
 our tanks PH balance n my fish r acting funny. 

If u watch closely its tryin to jump outs da tank. 
At 3 seconds in and then again about 30 seconds in 
and again about 15 seconds later... 

Jan 6, 2014

hey if u dont have a cloud u need one.. so invited you to check out Dropbox

Hi there,

PeNn n RoMe wants you to try Dropbox! Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, docs and videos with you anywhere and share them easily.

Accept invite

- The Dropbox Team

If you prefer not to receive invites from Dropbox, please go here.
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May 8, 2013

Edits I did recently

TheSe R My MoSt ReCeNt eDiTz .... :)
Izzac is one of those babies that rarely takes a bad pic. so i have 1000000  pics of him 

lol sumtimes i wonder if i am still able to edit pictures that dont contain izz... i think ill try it and see what happens.... look for my next pic! maybe it wont be izzac! hehe 

idk what it is about the superman symbol.... but i think i really like it... took hours hunting all of these symbols down online... they have alot of the same but i like (love) different~ 


Apr 8, 2011

                                                       BaY BaY

 gReaT PiC... sHe iZ MaKin A FuNNy FaCe CuZ sHe WaNts DiMpLeZ


 Izzac & his Daddy :)

2  cute- 

                          My Big Sister's the best  Mama -                

They know they're Cute ... this is pic 3889 this week alone!

U did it - :) I knew u could 



KRiSTiNa - LiL MaMa

Apr 7, 2011


*WeLcOMe To My WoRLd*


SmiLeZ - PLaCe - RnP4e

Apr 5, 2011



SMiLeY LiL BaBy... WHaT a GooD BoY.

Eating HiS HaNds.... OuR NoRm!

PuT Em Up...

I ThiNk He's aLReaDy MaSTeReD Woo-N Da LaDieZ ... No NeeD 4 TRaiNiNg...

BraDLeY iS BeInG A gReaT BiG BroTHeR... He SaiD He CaNt WaiT TiL HeS BiGGeR So He CuD Be LiL iZZaCz BoSS!!!!

Mar 10, 2011


BaBy iZZaC WaS BoRn iN JaN 2011
OuR LiL AnGeL...

Q.T. 4 ReaLz
- RnP4e * SMiLeZ PLaCe -*- RnP4e * SMiLeZ PLaCe -