Dec 26, 2014

4 a very special "Anonymous Company" who made my kids dreams come true. THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US!

                           Thank you!!! 
      & I hope God blesses U & Ur families ...

         If you hadn't of saved christmas 4 them My heart would have broke. There were a total of 2 gifts under my tree and it was 2 days before Christmas. . One 4 each of the boys, a cute little angry birds and Spiderman wrist watchs I paid 2.47 for on eBay. .... I wanted to share with u these few pictures cuz you should feel great about saving some child's christmas....u did this 4 them. thank u  so very much... When I was told that The Lodi House had found someone to adopt my kids I cried, cuz if you hadn't of saved christmas 4 them they wouldn't have had a christmas this year. I had already spoken with my older son about the possibility of delaying christmas til the end of February. I explained enough for him to be happy. But it doesn't feel very nice as a mother. 
              You guys are so amazing. You went above n beyond. When I went to get my gifts I couldn't help but cry, again. . I am so grateful... SO SO GRATEFUL.  So THANK U, VERY MUCH!

My phone was dead when it counted so they opened their gifts without a camera this year ... I wish I could have taken picture but I got a video ima put on YouTube :-)

Secret Santa saved my kids christmas 2014.:

       It's a tough place as a mother, who wants the world 4 her children, but literally can not provide them with those things. Especially when they are so deserving. I barely puta roof over our heads so when something comes like a birthday or christmas..   or they grow or they wear their shoes out. It simply kills me. I want u to know that your generosity was so much appreciated. I have been trying to find a job that's full time for months but I'm lucky to have the one I have I guess. Anyways,I don't even make rent in a full months wages. So it's a real fight. N I'm ineligible for aid cuz I have maxed out my 36 month time allotment. so that's my story. 1 job isn't enough for 2 kids :-) but they don't really even know their lacking. They do have a good life , n they are happy. But now they r both loving life. No joke. So thank you again.
 I'm looking for work if Ur hiring btw. That would b awesome ( lol I don't even know who u are ) but.... 

My email is
N my address is 1511 s. Mills ave 222
Lodi .ca 95242 
Pennie Johnson


Worth a shot at least.
Thank you again Pennie Bradley and Izzac

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