May 30, 2014

Change is a hard concept. Hopefully worth the effort it takes ...

I NeeD MoRe DeFiNiTiON - ThaT ThiNg ThaT MaKeZ Me! 

(*sum times in life I need reminders of who I am as a individual and reminders what I enjoy.... ) 

I honestly am going to attempt to be happy with-in myself, challenging myself to understanding what defines Me as an individual, as a mother , as a g/f... As an employee. 
I wana change things that I see about myself that really aren't admirable characterists, rather than place blame on people who really are blameless...

Well my normal poem modified_ I still after all these years identify with this poem and try to let it guide me I feel better knowing I can change my own destiny .... Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think so . 
( Here's my guide .... ) 

    My Destiny, My Fate,    

My Love, My Life. 

Decisions I've made today, 
Will effect tomorrow, 
Can effect next week, 
N possibly Forever.  
Choose wisely,

Depend on urself.  
Especially ur conscience, 
Step out in faith,
- RnP4e * SMiLeZ PLaCe -*- RnP4e * SMiLeZ PLaCe -